Fabric Wristbands


Printed TYVEK Wristbands in Malaysia. TYVEK Wristbands or Paper Wristbands are most popular wristbands in Malaysia for one-time use. It suitable to use for any events, marathon, fun run, concert, charity events and so on. Choose any of your favorite colors or design to print. No limit on the design. Full Color Print Tyvek Wristbands comes with the size of 20mm or 25mm width and it fit almost. No matter the small or big event. Welcome to ask us for the best quote.

  • Waterproof, tear proof and non-transferrable
  • Overnight delivery of Tyvek wristbands *extra charges may apply
  • Perfect for one-time used wristband
  • Size: 255mm X 20 mm / 25mm
  • Minimum order quantity : 10 pieces

Sublimation Wristbands

  • Tear resistant, non-transferable, one-time used, suitable for few days events.
  • Smooth surface
  • Easy to wear and very comfortable.
  • Designed to fit all wrists sizes
  • Size: 350mm X 15mm
  • Plastic bead
  • Wood bead
  • Metal bead
  • others
Woven Wristbands

Woven Wristbands are budget friendly for an event wristband. It suitable for simple design one color or multicolor printing. Budget woven wristband would be one color background with one color logo printed. Material : Polyester​.
Any color, choose from our Pantone Color Chart
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